RuralDIP is open for educational, training, professional and recreational purposes. e programme has been designed for individuals, groups, researchers, travellers who can customise their RuralDIP experience to suit their purpose, need and time.
One can take a trip to one of our locations like Nuapatna to meet weavers, see how they live, how they’ve acquired the
ancient art of weaving, understand their daily struggles and witness how digital tools — such as design software, social
media and e-Commerce — are boosting their business. One could also visit a heritage site like Chanderi which is home to over 400 historic monuments and a man who breathes history so much so that he isn’t just a tourist guide with an extreme passion for history but has led several excavations in the town independently. One may also drive down to a project site like the one in Barmer to see how a village is connected to the world
and the Web through WiFi.
RuralDIP provides and facilitates plans of travel, customised to topics and for specic geographies. Based on the individual or group’s requirement, DEF will arrange travel and tour for periods varying from a day or two days to three-seven days, a fortnights or even a month(s).