Our Story

With a vision to work in handloom and handicraft clusters of India, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) launched the Digital Cluster Development Programme in the year 2009. Since then, it has reached nine handloom and handicraft clusters of India.
In 2017, DEF partnered with Larsen & Tourbo Public Charitable Trust (LTPCT) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in India to digitally empower the artisans of Talasari block under the project name of Uddyam – Warli. Through this initiative, DEF has introduced several digital interventions in various stages of weaving, designing and marketing of Warli products.
The goal of the project is ensure that artisans can effectively access greater market share and profit through enhanced and sustainable business opportunities.


Warli Art Tourism

Grassroutes journeys are responsible holidays in Indian villages wherein local communities welcome you to partake in their lives. Discover the true essence of India: the richness of culture, the abundance of nature, the preserved and practiced ancient traditions, the colorful and diverse lifestyles, and above all, the kind and loving people.
Located in the tribal belt of Palghar district in Maharashtra, that’s home to the indigenous Warli tribe. The Warlis make up the biggest tribe in Palghar district and are known for their ancient art form stretching back to 3000 BCE. With Grassroutes, dive headfirst into this historic, world-famous tradition as you interact with Warli tribesman, dining their homes, participating in their daily chores, and exchanging stories and aspirations. The Grassroutes Warli journey reaches a climax when renowned practitioners of this ancient art form share the most intricate facets and centuries-old techniques of painting with you. See how the motifs in Warli paintings have changed over the years from hunting to cultivation as the tribe as evolved.


Government Schemes & Entitlement

Starting from access to the encyclopaedic world of information and knowledge that the Internet represents about government schemes and the rights and entitlements of the citizens, online access to government services, opportunities for distance education, online skilling, online entertainment, filling online forms, artisan cards personal communication through e-mails and social media, etc. We train people from community to effectively use of computer and internet .

Our Products

Inhabitants of the Thane district of Maharashtra, the Warli tribe is known for the sacred pictographs that they paint on the walls of their huts, especially as part of their wedding rituals. A rich paste is smeared on the walls as base, and motifs inspired from their day-to-day life, nature, legends, local incidents and folk tales painted on it with brush made of twigs. The central theme of these paintings is Palaghata, the goddess of trees and plants that symbolises creative energy. The visual energy of the Warli painting is attained through line drawings of multitudes of tiny human forms engaged in hunting, dancing, cultivating land. In recent years, the canvas of these paintings has transferred to papers and cloth layered with cow dung, which produce the characteristic natural and dull background for the motifs painted in white. Warli offering various fabrics and crafts products made by using this art.

Conscious Clothing

Every product is hand woven, upholding the age old art of handloom weaving. Most of the products are made using natural dyes and all of them are made using sustainable silk and pure cotton.

Skillfully Crafted

The weavers in the region have been crafting beautiful fabric since time immemorial. One piece of fabric often requires 6 hours of labour and concentration.

Lovingly Hand woven

Chanderiyaan represents a blend of traditional and modern tastes. The patterns and colours used are fashionable, trendy and spread happiness.

Comfort and Quality

Woven with great care and eye for details, cotton and silks used are of highest quality, and colours used are safe, natural and skin friendly.