Our Story

Chirala, located in Andhra Pradesh, 90 kilometers from Vijayawada is a weaver’s cluster with over 8,000 weavers. Previously known as Kshirapuri it was renamed Chirala (Chira means saree). Weavers of this region have excelled in this art for centuries. Even before the 18th century, these weavers made 7-yard sarees that could fit in a matchbox, showing perfection, precision, and excellence in their art form.

Chirala Digital Resource Centre

The Chirala Weavers Digital Resource Centre (CWDRC) has been operational for about 2 years and has been serving the entire population of Chirala including schools and Panchayats and other local institutions. CWDRC conducting all the Training and also for the deployment of the Wireless Internet Connectivity.


Digital Designing and Archiving

Since DEF is working closely with weavers and artisans we need to take care of all the aspects of cluster development. Keeping in mind we trained artisans on using CAD CAM or other digital tool to make their designs easy and trendy. Also we help them to achieve existing designs digitally including traditional motif to monuments.


Capacity Building and Skilling

Apart from digital literacy and information, Chirala also acts as an agent to build capacities of communities in the region. Number of workshops are organized at the center revolving around issues like menstrual health, skill development, environmental consciousness in collaboration with other organizations and government bodies.


Entrepreneurship Development

Believing in this philosophy of giving back to the community, CWDRC has always been dedicated not only towards benefiting the population of Chirala through its organizational initiatives, but also towards creating entrepreneurs by providing various livelihood trainings and mentorship.


Wireless for Community

At Chirala, apart from capacity building and information dissemination DEF also provide connectivity infrastructure through wireless network expansion.


Handloom Tourism

Known as ‘Mini Mumbai’, Chirala is a small town located in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. It’s famous for its gorgeous beaches, thriving handloom industry and home-grown cashews.

Our Products

Chirala is famous for its handloom weaving – both silk and cotton and cross of each other. Chirala has 12000 active looms including 11000 dedicated to weaving saris and only 1000 do weaving of yardage, and lungis.

Conscious Clothing

Every product is hand woven, upholding the age old art of handloom weaving. Most of the products are made using natural dyes and all of them are made using sustainable silk and pure cotton.

Skillfully Crafted

The weavers in the region have been crafting beautiful fabric since time immemorial. One piece of fabric often requires 6 hours of labour and concentration.

Lovingly Hand woven

Chirala represents a blend of traditional and modern tastes. The patterns and colours used are fashionable, trendy and spread happiness.

Comfort and Quality

Woven with great care and eye for details, cotton and silks used are of highest quality, and colours used are safe, natural and skin friendly.